Rescue and Rehomes from other sources

I encourage rescue adoption, and in so doing I have come up with the following:
If you rescue a dog from a reputable organization or give a home to a dog in need from a private source through myself, I will keep you on file. Once you are ready to add another family member and want a Ravenmasque puppy I will give you a puppy at half the cost. You need to provide proof of rescue and still need to pass our requirements for a home.

The following dogs are available as rehomes from other sources

Local Belgian Recues, I do not know of any right now in Ontario.

Below are some rescue/rehome contacts, just click on them. An older Belgian could be just the right dog for you... these links include all varietes of the Belgian. If you know of any others please do let me know, let me know too if I have a broken link please. Sometimes I miss pages moving! :)

Click on a name to go to the page
Belgian Shepherd Dog CLub of Canada rescue page
Belgian Rescue & Rehomes
ABTC rescue information
ResQ Belgians
ABMC Rescue
Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust
Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Groups
Belgian Tervuren Rescue Groups
Belgian Malinois Rescue Groups


Teh following dogs we have already helped find their forever homes for
and are happy with their new families.  (they are not in need any longer)


Romeo has been adopted!
Thank you Viviane for fostering Romeo and sending him to just the right home!

Barrie has been adopted by Carole in BC
Thank you Viviane for fostering Barrie and sending him to just the right home!
Carole, I would love a pic of Barrie for this page :)


Honey has found a loving new home with Karen and her family in Orangeville.

Luther has found his home after a 4 month stay here at Ravenmasque.

pic by Tracy
Tracy was wonderful and fostered Rebel and got him ready for his brand new home!
Barb saw Rebel on this page and met him and took him home to Regina!
Note from Barb: Sheila - Just wanted to thank you for your page on rescues/rehomes. I was lucky enough to see Rebel and hence adopt him. I picked him up in Toronto on my way back to Regina. Unfortunately our paths didn't cross this time as my time in Ottawa was short and it just didn't work out but maybe next time. Again keep up the good work. Barb

Kennel Seizure near Ottawa, fall of 2003
the Ottawa Humane society has been in contact with me, a kennel in the Ottawa area is having all of its dogs seized due to poor conditions.

Kuma has found his forever home, and a female was adopted from the shelter. Update on Kuma, he lived a loved life with Gil until 2008 when he died in a happy safe home. Wolfe did not recover his puppy mill life and was euthanized. another older, 11 y/o, LEENA is being fostered by Janice Mulrooney. UPDATE Janice will be keeping Leena for her golden years, thank you Janice!!!

Thanks to Sandy Bergman who donated $100 toward the vet costs of the two boys I fostered.


no pic available
We put Misty, her breeder and her new owners in touch, they will be getting together shortly.


Sydney's pic courtesy of the KW humane society.

I just thought you would like to know that Sidney found his forever home!! A wonderful couple came in and fell in love with him. They have had German Shepherds for years and thought that it was perfect that they try a Belgian. Sidney took to them instantly and they all looked like a really happy family.
We just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put in to helping Sid. He is a very special dog and we all new he just needed a bit extra.
Thank you again
Karen Kennedy

Nakota, a Tervuren

Tayka, a Tervuren
pic not available just now

Harry, long haired German Shepherd

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