Ravenmasque *Need for Speed* babies

Ch Ouragan Du Ciel Du Josar


Ch Ravenmasque Time After Time ADC SGDC RNCL


Expect sport prospects with lovely structure and overall type to compliment outstanding character! Two of Stormy's sisters have represtented Canada at the world Agility Championships! Cindy is proving herself to be a super sport dog in her own right!

babies born April 27th 2009

there are 2 Groenendael males, 1 Tervuren male, 3 Groenendael females, 1 Tervuren female puppies in this litter. I am accepting applications for one performance puppy, Red girl aka Munky.

A (G) behind a dog's name indicates the dog is a Groenendael variety. A (T) behind a dog's name indicates the dog is a Tervuren variety.

Speed babies at 7 days old
Speed babies at 15 days old
Speed babies at 21 days old
Speed babies at 28 days old
Speed babies at 35 days old

Ch Ouragan Du Ciel Du Josar (G)

OVC hips/elbows

CERF BSD-1474 7/3/2003

Ch Nicha Goupil De Lorette (T)
Glam Du Sart Des Bois (T)
Funky du Sart Des Bois
Fline De Condivicnum

Ch Nicha Symphonie En Mi Bemol UD (T)
Johan Van De Hoge Laer (T)
Ch OTCH Valter Go Chad (T)
Tonere Du Filamarchois CD, AGN, VADC, CGC (G)
Pax Du Pisteur Marko Du Pisteur
Joxane Du Pisteur
Orca Du Filamarchois Louky Du Bois De Wiboux
Kawa Du Filamarchois

Ch Ravenmasque Time After Time ADC SGDC RNCL (G)

CHIC # 54426



Am Ch Spitfire's OK Swing (G)
Ch. Sundown's Ricochet C.D. (G) Ch. Lascaux Kilt (G)
Ch. Sundown's Sweet Obsession (G)
Ch. Spitfire's Honky Tonk C.D. (G) Ch. Liswyn Augustus Mcrae of Geka (G)
Ch.  Spitfire Flo of Crystal (G)

Ravenmasque Vision Quest (T)
Can UKC Ch Omega du Bois du Tot (T) s.r. GR CH U-AG1 Jairouk de la Fureur du Crepuscule PT JHD (T)
s.r Helka du Bois du Tot (T)
Ravenmasque Wild Wild West (specialty RWB) (T) HIT CanCh. Ravenmasque Golden Rule CD CGN (T)
Ch Yesacs Pantera at Ravenmasque (T)

The puppies of Ravenmasque are fully guaranteed, from health certified parents and will be a healthy part of your family for a long time to come. We stand behind our dogs 100% Our relationship does not end once your puppy enters your home. I expect you to keep in contact as I will to ensure you and your puppy have a lifetime of happiness together.

Ravenmasque puppies are raised using Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia's  Early Neurological Stimulation in addition to exposure to various surfaces, people, places and all sorts of toys and interaction.