CKC Titles earned in 2002

as written in the Official Section of Dogs In Canada magazine to the Mar 2003 issue

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Jul 27 Ch. Atim's Absolute
Jul 6 Ch. Attra Dea's Jacob
Mar 29 Ch. Atsmara Cloak and Dagger
Jul 7 Ch. Bayview's Run for the Money
Oct 26 Ch. Bellsha's Koninglijk's Golddigger
Aug 13 Ch. Bellsha's Koninglijk's Teea CD
Jul 19 Ch. Blackwater's Kizmar Shockwave
Apr 02 Ch. Blackwater's Puttin on the Ritz
Aug 30 Ch. Blackwater's River of Dreams
Apr 13 Ch. Brannock Rhythm’N Blues
Aug 7 Ch. Broadcreek's Ivanhoe
Mar 01 Ch. Butterblac’s Incyta Brite Lite
Feb 01 Ch. Caldera’s Capriccio
Aug 6 Ch. Chantryile Destiny de la Lune
Mar 24 Ch. Chantryile D’Raffi de la Lune
Jul 13 Ch. Coda N Classic's All In Style
Jun 08 Ch Cool Epic V Springwood
Sep 29 Ch. Corsini Le Maillon D'or
Dec 01 Ch. De La Louvre's Renaldo
Jun 15 Ch Ember Glo's Grand Jury
Dec 15 Ch. Erin's Celtic Pride
Feb 15 Ch. Havuheard of Timberwind’s Star
Dec 13 Ch. Isengard's Instance of Zen
Sep 22 Ch. Johnsondale's Legend In Time
Apr 06 Ch. Klaar Sophie
Dec 01 Ch. Milsart's Best Quest
Aug 4 Ch. MiShaOok's Havana Hana
May 18 Ch Nicha Gandhi Oranjes Erenaam CD
Nov 3 Ch Nicha Mieszko Pierwszy
Feb 17 Ch. Noelle de Beavoir
Jan 19 Ch. Omega Du Bois Du Tot
May 25 Ch Orion de la Fureur du Crepuscule
Jul 22 Ch. Penikkas Cdn Conspiracy
Jun 16 Ch Ravenmasque Aestas HT
Mar 02 Ch. Rebecca of Anduin
Jun 02 Ch Rieslings Fyn of Synecdocke
OCt 12 Ch. Roden de la Maison du Bois CDX
Nov 29 Ch Roscoff de la Tangi Morgane
Nov 23 Ch Serack's Arlequin Glamour Girl
Jul 27 Ch. Sky Acres Fly First Class
Nov 3 Ch Spitfire Lonestar Jamboree
Jun 22 Ch Synecdocke's Shewe Fly
May 11 Ch Suz Bold Image of an Angel
Mar 01 Ch. Teseko’s Faithful as My Shadow
Mar 03 Ch. Teseko’s From Time To Time
Sep 02 Ch. Thurgau's Boomer
Jul 28 Ch. Tiashanah's Karismatic Me
Oct 12 Ch. Tiashanah's Limited Edition
Jul 4 Ch. Uniquest V. T Belgish Schoon
Aug 17 Ch. Waldenmark's Hot Chocolate
Nov 10 Ch Winjammers Headfirst
Sep 21 Ch. Winjammers No Speed Limit CD
Aug 2 Ch. Zaza Van de Hoge Laer
Jun 08 Ch Zugah Van de Hoge Laer


Jun 22 Celebre Elijah of Hillside CD
Jul 5 Ch. Celebre Chance of Rehn CD
Apr 14 Chateau Blanc’s Chad CD TDX
Jul 7 Dehanna's Third Time's A Charm CD
Jun 15 Epris Rock My World CD
Feb 02 Gildas Klaar Kojak CD
May 18 Kalinka Diademe de Quattpatt CD
Feb 03 Ch. Klaar Rood Geest CD
Aug 2 Ch. Klaar Querida Kiki CD
Nov 9 Ch Klaar Wrath of Millo CD
Jun 22 Klaar VIP of Avatar'n'Hillside CD
Nov 16 LaBarges Strate T'Quila Nite CD
Oct 13 Landmark Boulder Over CD
Aug 25 Leaf's Fire in Tasmania CD
Jun 28 Hr Legacy's Mountain Sprite CD
Oct 26 Malinhurst Rascal Igor Kora CD
May 04 Ch Maximum Belle de la Prairie CD
May 11 Ch Nicha's Burnished Harmony CD
Apr 13 Ch. Nicha Goupil De Lorette CD
Apr 07 Nicha Sonic Mach Three CD
May 27 Ch. Nicha Question de Charisme CD AGX
May 26 Nicha Zut Zut CD
May 12 Ch Nightfire's High N Mighty CD
Sep 29 Phoenix Camilla CD
Dec 20 Ch. Ravenmasque Our Layla CD
Aug 3 Ch. Ravenmasque Our Luz Del Sol CD
Aug 4 Ryker Dumarais CD
May 25 Ch Snowflower Dream Weaver CD TD AGN
Nov 17 Ch. Teseko's Faithful as My Shadow CD
Jun 09 Torbrooks Outrages Obsession


May 18 Ch Atim'n'Teseko Greybriar Reese's CDX
Jul 7 Bull Mtn's Wind in the Willow CDX
Oct 20 Ch. Celebre Chance of Rehn CDX
Oct 18 Discovery's Baview Gossip CDX
Sep 29 Discovery's Great Escape CDX
Sep 29 Fastbreaks Dream Lover CDX
Jun 22 Ch MNM N Steele's Riley Adelphi CDX
Nov 29 Nicha Nova Une Etoile Est Nee CDX AGN
Apr 06 Nicha Shannon CDX
Jun 23 Nicha Zut zut CDX


May 04 OTCh Elgo de Lescaut Bbm


Sep 29 Ch Klaar Quest to Bigmtn TD
Nov 3 Ch Rebecca of Anduin TD
Oct 13 Ch OTCh Shady's Moonshine of Anduin TD HS
Nov 3 Ch Sky Acres Come Fly with Me TD
Jun 02 Teseko’s Formidable Kona TD
Oct 20 Toronto du Castel D'Argences TD
Oct 13 Winjammer's En Tete CD TD
Oct 20 Ch Zouk du Clan Quattpatt TD


Jun 16 Bellestar's Moonlit New Penny CD AGN
Nov 8 Ch Bellestar's Kogna Vaerian Moon AGN
May 25 Ch Bellestar's Moonstone for Kocnac AGN
Jun 16 Gemfire's Ultimate Jumper AGN
Jun 15 Leaf's Campfire Song HT AGN
Aug 25 Ch Nicha Indiana Rose des Sables CD AGN
Aug 11 Nicha Nova Une Etoile Est Nee CD AGN
Aug 24 Ch Nicha Something to Talk About AGN
Sep 28 Nicha Weave AGN
Jun 16 Tonere du Filamarchois CD AGN
Jul 10 Winjammers Carey'd Through Time AGN
Jul 10 Ch Yesac's As Long As You Love Me AGN


Aug 25 Ch Acajou's Cameo at Valifyre AGI
Nov 8 Ch Bellestar's Moonstone for Kocnac AGN
Jun 15 Corsini Jeopardy AGI
Aug 05 Ch Dartagnan of Tervtrak CDX AGI
Oct 06 Ch Nicha Something to Talk About AGI
Aug 11 Ch Perfect Gina at Tervfect CD AGI
Jun 15 Ch Snowfloer Dream weaver CD TD AGI


Sep 08 Ch Nicha Question de Charisme CD AGX


Sep 08 la Tornade Noire du Josar CD AGMX


Jul 27 Ch Ravenmasque Aestas HT


Jul 28 Ch Celebre Ever After HS
Jul 27 Ch Magic's Storm Chaser CD HS
Jul 27 Ch T'zara du Clan Quattpatt HS

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