Cindy finishes her Canadian Championship August 2008

Cindy a talented little sports girl. She is sweet and sassy all at once. Chris and Cindy are burning up the agility rings!
Cindy has an eager desire to leap over tall buildings in a single bound!

Cindy is from our TIME litter.
our last litter from Jewel and first and only litter from Swing.


 OFA Number  Registry   Test/Film Date   Report Date   Age   Final Conclusion 
BSD-1899 CERF Nov 6 2008 Nov 6 2008 39 TESTED: 08
BSD-TH170/39F-PI THYROID Nov 22 2008 Dec 8 2008 39 NORMAL
BSD-3595E39F-PI HIPS Nov 22 2008 Dec 15 2008 39 EXCELLENT
BSD-EL1320F39-PI ELBOW Nov 22 2008 Dec 15 2008 39 NORMAL


Cindy at 10 weeks old

Come for a walk with Cindy and Conn'R!