top two pictures taken May 2009, the third, April 2009

Kelar is a ready made new friend, just turned 4 years old. He has 7 points toward his Canadian Championship, just 3 to go! He is OFA Excellent, elbow, eye and thyroid clear. Kelar has a great sense of humour! Totally trustworthy in the house, sleeps in the bedroom, basic trained, people and dog friendly. Once you meet him you will fall in love too. Kelar now has Angela wrapped round his paw and is her constant companion!
Kelar is from our TIME litter.
our last litter from Jewel and first and only litter from Swing.


OFA Number  Registry   Test/Film Date   Report Date   Age   Final Conclusion 
BSD-1898 CERF Nov 6 2008 Nov 6 2008 39 TESTED: 08
BSD-TH171/39M-VPI THYROID Nov 22 2008 Dec 8 2008 39 NORMAL
BSD-3596E39M-VPI HIPS Nov 22 2008 Dec 15 2008 39 EXCELLENT
BSD-EL1321M39-VPI ELBOW Nov 22 2008 Dec 15 2008 39 NORMAL